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Homeschool Letter Of Intent

A homeschool letter of intent is a form used to notify the department of education that a child will be homeschooled instead of attending a public or private educational institution.

Generally, this letter, or notice, of intent is straightforward in regard to formatting and content.

The parent or guardian of the child usually writes this letter (and quite often teaches the child as well) and must provide the child’s name, address, date of birth, and grade in which they would be entering if they enrolled in school.

In addition to this information, the letter must state who will be homeschooling the child for the following school year.

However, each state has different guidelines and, in some cases, that state’s department of education may provide a specific letter of intent form for parents to complete.

While a letter of intent isn’t always required, it is often the first step that a parent must take to homeschool their child.

State Requirements – Use to find out the requirements in the State in which the parent and child reside.

State Requirements

StateLetter of Intent Required?State-Specific Form?
 ArizonaYesAffidavit of Intent
 ConnecticutYesCT Notice of Intent (Suggested)
 GeorgiaYesOnline | Printable Version
 HawaiiYesForm 4140 (Optional)
 MarylandYesMaryland State Home School Notification
 MississippiNoCertificate of Enrollment required (provided by attendance officers)
 NevadaYesNotice of Intent
 New HampshireYesYes
 New JerseyNoNo
 New MexicoYesNo
 New YorkYesNo
 North CarolinaYesNo
 North DakotaYesStatement of Intent Home Education
 OhioYesHome Education Notification of Intent
 OklahomaNo (but recommended)No
 PennsylvaniaYesWithdrawal Letter | Affidavit
 Rhode IslandYesNo
 South CarolinaNoNo
 South DakotaYesPublic School Exemption Certificate
 TennesseeYesNotice of Intent to Home School
 UtahYes (notarization required)No
 VermontYesHome Study Forms
 VirginiaYesNotice of Intent Form
 WashingtonYesDeclaration of Intent
West VirginiaYesNo
 WisconsinYesHomeschool Enrollment Report (Online)
 WyomingNo (annual curriculum submission required)No

What is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is the practice of providing education to children at home instead of in a public, private, or boarding school. 

Home education can be provided by a parent/guardian or an authorized teacher, depending on State requirements.

There are a number of reasons why parents may wish to homeschool their children, including dissatisfaction with the options in their school district, religious beliefs or other philosophical views, or general displeasure with traditional schooling methods.

It is possible to obtain an excellent and thorough education through homeschooling methods.

However, it is almost always necessary for the parent/guardian to have an educational degree of sorts to qualify as a reliable and qualified teacher.

Other requirements for homeschooling vary quite a bit from state to state.

The list below can be consulted to see if a letter of intent is required in a particular state.

It’s important to check with the state department of education before commencing a homeschool curriculum.

How to Write

I. Header

(1) Formal Date Of Intent.

The date when the Parent or Legally Appointed Guardian of the concerned Minor formally states his or her intent to home-school his or her Child(ren) must be documented for proper record-keeping.

(2) Superintendent (Or Principal). 

Some States and/or Counties will require that the Superintendent of the School District where the Minor(s) would normally attend school, the Principal of the school where the Child would be expected to attend, or both be notified of the Student’s new homeschool status.

Make sure you are abreast of the statutes naming who must be informed of the Student’s homeschooling status before proceeding. When ready, fill in the full name of the Superintendent or Principal where requested.

If other Recipients must be named, insert a line to accommodate their names and plan to execute the appropriate number of original signed copies or generate a letter for each Recipient separately.

(3) School District. 

Document the School District Number to further identify the system responsible for the Child’s education.

II. Concerned Students

(4) Name. 

To properly inform the Recipient of a Student’s homeschool status, each one will need to be formally identified in this document.

The full name of every Student (Minor/Child) that will receive his or her education through homeschooling should be generated in the first column of the table provided.

If there is not enough room to name every Homeschool Student, insert additional lines or compose an attachment with the remaining Student names.

(5) Gender. 

Produce the gender of every Homeschool Student to further identify him or her to the Recipient.

(6) D.O.B.

A key piece of information often used to identify an underage Student (Minor) in the Educational System set up by a County or State is the Child’s official birth date.

Dispense this information in the third column making sure to correspond the birth date with the appropriate Homeschool Student’s name and gender.

(7) Address Of Children. 

Every Child/Minor who has been identified as an intended Home School Student must also have his or her address presented in this letter.

If there are multiple Children with different addresses, then make sure to record each address with the appropriate Child’s name.

For instance, the Parents of multiple Children may be divorced and one or more Child does not live with the teaching Parent.

III. Declaration Of Intent To Homeschool

(8) Parent Or Authorized Teacher. 

Deliver the full name of the Parent or the Authorized Homeschool Teacher to the declaration made.

(9) Address Of Classroom. 

Furnish the address where the Child will physically be located to receive his or her education.

This information must be included in the statement made even if the Child’s home address is the same as that of the classroom.

(10) Number Of Instruction Days. 

Document the number of days when the Child will receive lessons to satisfy the home school curriculum.

(11) Subjects Of Instruction. 

Identify each subject that will make up the curriculum being taught (i.e. Biology, Music, English, Algebra, etc.).

IV. Record Acknowledgement

(12) State Department Of Education. 

The final statement made by this letter must attest to the Teacher’s record-keeping responsibilities to the State Educational System where the Children will be homeschooled.

Produce the full name of the State whose laws will oversee the Child’s education.

V. Executing Intent

(13) Teacher Signature. The Teacher who will conduct the homeschooling lessons each Child named in this letter will receive must sign his or her name to formally acknowledge the intended plan for the Child’s education.

(14) Teacher Printed Name. The Teacher must print his or her name.

(15) Email And Telephone Number Of Teachers. 

It will be important that any State or County Official seeking additional information or seeking to deliver notices on educational policies is able to contact the Homeschool Teacher as needed.

To this end, the Homeschool Teacher’s e-mail address and phone number should be presented at the time of signing.

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