Goodwill Donation Receipt Template PDF

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Samples Goodwill Donation Receipt Template PDF Free Download

Goodwill Donation Receipt Template

Donation Methods

Goodwill accepts clothing (which is the most popular item from donors), household items, electronics, and retail inventory.

Clothing (Goods) – GoodWill has many locations in all 50 states and many donation bins scattered throughout. It’s best to give your local Goodwill donation centre a phone call to find out if your items are acceptable.

Hazardous Items – Use this link to stay updated on hazardous items which should be avoided when donating items to GoodWill.

One of the most widely known nonprofit organizations in the world is Goodwill Industries International, Inc.

Its objective is to help people—families, the youth, senior citizens, persons with disabilities and special needs—acquire education and skills in the hopes of making their lives more fulfilling.

Lucky for you, you can actually be a part of Goodwill’s mission to help.

Here are some of the ways you can extend a hand to the organization.

Giving Donation – gives you an easy three-step guide to donating some of your pre-loved items.

Gather your stuff – you can collect all the things that you may not have use of.

You can also ask your friends and family to do the same; the more the merrier is true in this matter.

Give them a look over – although they appreciate you giving away your things, it’s still best to give stuff that can still be and is safe to use.

Goodwill has a set of safety standards for screening donated items.

You can also contact them if you want to give devices such as computers or vehicles.

Go to Goodwill – once you’re finally ready to donate your stuff, you can hand your donation to your nearest Goodwill site.

To check your most convenient location, you may visit their homepage/website,, and click “Donation Site.”

Shop – You can also shop at goodwill. Shopping will help people either land a job or be sent to school, two of its many programs.

You get a receipt for every contribution.

A donation receipt is a note or a record of your wholehearted offering.

You may check out our Donation Receipt Samples for more details.

How to Write

Save The Goodwill Receipt Template

The receipt used to document a Goodwill donation can be accessed with the “Adobe PDF” link above.

Select it then download this file.

If you have compatible software, you may enter information onscreen however, many would consider it wise to have such paperwork in a readily accessible location in your system.

Give Manifest Of The Donated Items

Catalogue all of the donated items and estimate their worth using the Donation Valuation Guide.

You will need to list each type of item separately.

If you have more than one item in a category, make sure to list how many (i.e. Jeans – 5)     You will want to make a general dollar estimation of the donated material at the time of donation to help the Donor seize any tax benefits that result from the donation.

The guide mentioned earlier will give you this ability. Donation Valuation Guide then locates the donated items.     

Transcribe the value of the items you donated to the sheet adjacent to that item. See below.     

Identify The Goodwill Donor

Locate the labelled lines below the statement beginning with “Goodwill Empowers People…” then, enter the Donor’s complete “Name” on the first blank line.     

The building number in the Donor’s legal address, along with the street name and apartment number must be produced on the “Address” line.   

The Donor’s address should be completed with its “City” and “State/Zip” information on the next two blank spaces. 

Provide The Goodwill Chapter’s Tax Information

The Donor will need to be able to name a Recipient to the satisfaction of the Tax Entity he or she will be dealing with. To facilitate this, enter the Goodwill Chapter or Outlet’s Entity Identification Number on the spaces attached to the “EIN” label.   

Once this is done, verify all the information is accurate then, make sure the Goodwill Staff Member receiving the donation reports the location where the money or donated items were received.   

The Staff Member receiving this donation must sign his or her name and date the signature (with the current date) using the last two blank lines.

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Samples Goodwill Donation Receipt Template PDF Free Download

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