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Georgia Power Of Attorney

A Georgia power of attorney can be used by any person to appoint someone else to manage health, business, or legal decisions on their behalf.

From appointing someone to handle finances to being the guardian of their minor child, a power of attorney document allows someone else to represent the needs of another person for any legal action.

The agent selected must always act in the best interest of the principal and present the completed and signed form whenever they are acting on their account.

Regarding incapacitation, Georgia determines incapacitation on the basis of the following criteria.

The principal must be:

unable to manage his or her financial affairs specifically due to an “impairment in the ability to receive and evaluate information or make or communicate decisions even with the use of technological assistance” (as determined by a physician or licensed psychologist); or

missing, detained (including being incarcerated), or outside of the United States and unable to return (as determined by a lawyer, judge or “an appropriate government official).

Under previous Georgia laws, a third party, such as a bank, could refuse to comply with a POA because they did not consider themselves a party to the contract created by the agent and the principal.

Under the new Georgia power of attorney rules, third parties are required to rely on valid powers of attorney unless they have actual knowledge that the document is invalid, terminated, or has been revoked.

How to Get Power of Attorney in Georgia

To get power of attorney in Georgia, the agent discusses the issue with the principal, and both parties fill out a power of attorney form.

The state of Georgia provides a statutory power of attorney form, but it’s not mandatory to use the state-issued form.

You may use any form that “substantially reflects the language in the statutory form,” such as the ones on this page.

Georgia Power of Attorney Requirements

After you create your Georgia power of attorney, your document must be signed by:

the principal (or if the principal cannot sign for any reason, another person can sign in his or her place, while in the presence of, and under the direction of, the principal)

at least one witness, and

a person authorized to administer oaths, such as a notary public

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Georgia Power Of Attorney Template PDF Free Download

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