Georgia Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale PDF

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Georgia Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill Of Sale Form PDF Free Download

Georgia Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale

Registering a Vehicle

According to Georgia law, a motor vehicle must be registered within thirty (30) days of purchase or within 30 days of establishing residency after moving from another state or county. Those who recently moved to the state must acquire a Georgia Driver’s License prior to registering a vehicle.

Where to Register

Refer to the map at the lower section of the Tax Commissioner’s Tag Office Page. 

Selecting a county on the map or through the drop-down menu will reveal the physical location where one must go to register a vehicle.

Required Documents

Bill of Sale;

Odometer Disclosure Statement;

Form MV-1 Tag/Title Application;

Vehicle’s Original Valid Title (if the title is not available, a Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin (MSO) or a registration certification from a non-title state/county);

Valid Georgia Driver’s License or State ID;

Proof of Insurance, via one of the following:

Filed by your insurance company directly in the Department’s database; or

Insurance Binder showing insurance liability coverage;

Title Registration and Transfer Fees; and

Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney Form, if an agent shall represent the seller in the transfer of the vehicle.

How to Write

Step 1 – Download in PDF.

Step 2 – Seller Information and Date – Seller and buyer should read the top paragraph.

If they concur with the statement, the seller should provide the following:

Month, Day, & Year of Sale/Transfer

Seller/(s)’/Transferor(s)’ Full Legal Name(s)

Seller/(s)’/Transferor(s)’ Street Address, City, State, & Zip

Court Order Case Number (if applicable)

Georgia Tax ID Number (if applicable)

Step 3 – Vehicle and Purchaser Info – Be prepared to provide the following details:

Vehicle Year/Make/Identification Number

Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Full Legal Name(s)

Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Street Address, City, State, & Zip

Step 4 – Lien Section – This section only applies if there are any current liens, security interests, or encumbrances on the vehicle.

If there are, simply enter the following:

Lien, Security Interest, or Encumbrance Holder(s)’ Name(s)

Lien, Security Interest, or Encumbrance Holder(s)’ Street Address, City, State, & Zip

If there is nothing to list, simply leave this section blank.

Step 5 – Odometer Disclosure – If the vehicle is less than 10 years of age, you must insert the odometer reading into the space provided.

If 10 years or older, you may insert “exempt”.

Be sure to be as accurate as possible and check one of the following boxes if there is a mechanical issue or discrepancy:

The mileage on the vehicle is in excess of the mechanical limits of the odometer.

The odometer reading is not the actual mileage – Warning Odometer Discrepancy

Step 6 – Information of Vehicles Purchased Outside Georgia or Pursuant to a Court Order – If this section applies to you, you will have to provide the following:

Purchase Price (Cash price plus taxable fees & charges) (in dollars)

Trade-in Allowance (Do not include down payment or any rebates.) (in dollars)

Taxable Amount (Subtract line 2 from line 1 and record total.) (in dollars)

Purchaser(s)’ Georgia County of Residence

Georgia Sales Tax Rate in Purchaser’s County (percentage)

Tax Due Amount (Amount on line 3 multiplied by sales tax rate on line 5) (in dollars)

Credit (From sales tax paid to another state if applicable) (in dollars)

Georgia Sales Tax Due (Amount shown on line 6 minus amount shown on line 7) (in dollars)

Step 7 – Signatures – Seller and buyer must finalize the document by providing the following:

Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Signature(s)

Purchaser(s)’/Transferee(s)’ Printed Name(s)

Seller(s)’/Transferor(s)’ Signature(s)

Seller(s)’/Transferor(s)’ Printed Name(s)

Seller’s GEORGIA Sales Tax Number (if applicable)

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Georgia Motor Vehicle (DMV) Bill Of Sale Form PDF Free Download

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