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General Power Of Attorney Florida Form PDF Free Download

Florida Power Of Attorney

A Florida power of attorney provides a way for a person to assign his or her legal authority over his or her financial (and other) matters to another person.

This allows the other person, or agent, to act on the person’s, or principal’s, behalf.

Many people use this type of form when they know they are going to be away or they want to plan for a time when they may be incapacitated.

Since the agent will be acting in the principal’s place with the principal’s finances or other assets, it is vitally important that the principal choose someone they trust implicitly.

Usually, the principal will choose a trusted friend or relative.

Florida Power of Attorney allows a resident to choose someone else (an “Agent”, “Attorney-in-Fact”, or “Surrogate”) to handle actions and decisions on their behalf.

Each form serves a unique purpose; one may be used to assign a healthcare surrogate to oversee an individual’s end-of-life care while another may be used to provide a tax accountant with the authority to file a Florida resident’s state taxes.

If the document is “durable,” the authority granted to the agent is indefinite and persists in the principal’s incapacitation.

A non-durable power of attorney will become void should the principal lose decisional capacity.

Laws – Florida Power of Attorney Act (ss. 709.2101-709.2402) and Florida Health Care Advance Directives (Chapter 765)

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General Power Of Attorney Florida Form PDF Free Download

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