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Florida Vehicle Bill of Sale Requirements

Florida law requires a motor vehicle bill of sale, which is a legal document that acts as a receipt of a vehicle sale if you are buying or selling a vehicle in the state.

A bill of sale is not only a record of the sale, but also includes pertinent information, such as vehicle purchase date, sale price, and the parties’ contact information.

After completing a bill of sale, the sale is not final until you transfer the vehicle title and have it registered.

A state-approved, printable notice of Sale and/or Bill of Sale for a Motor Vehicle, Mobile Home, Off-Highway Vehicle, or Vessel is offered by Florida’s Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV).

Though the state provides this document, which functions as both a notice of sale and a bill of sale, buyers and sellers can create their own using the required fields.

The bill of sale must contain the following information:

Make, model, year, body type, and colour of the vehicle

Certificate of title number, which is located on the vehicle title

Vehicle identification number (VIN)

Odometer disclosure statement

The buyer’s and seller’s addresses

The buyer’s and seller’s signatures and date of signing

The sale date and price

Additional Considerations

The state does not have a specific rule that outlines whether or not a bill of sale can be submitted in languages other than English.

However, for the paperwork to go through the system seamlessly, the state recommends submitting it in English.

For documents in another language, such as Spanish, the Florida DMV advises submitting them with a translated version.

Though not required, the state of Florida recommends notarizing the bill of sale.

A notarized document increases its legal credibility in case the sale ever comes into question.

Why Use One?

After it is completed, the bill of sale must be sent to your county tax collector’s office, which maintains these records.

These documents are required so the state can track current vehicle owners.

Even if a bill of sale/notice wasn’t required in Florida, it is still a good idea for buyers to have them because they act as proof of purchase or receipt.

A bill of sale also protects the seller from liability, specifically during the period of time between the sale and when the new title is issued for the vehicle.

After Purchasing a Vehicle

After the bill of sale is completed, you must transfer the title and register your vehicle in Florida.

Transferring the title and registration will be done at the same time.

State law requires this to be done within 30 days of the sale.

To transfer a title within Florida, you need:

The title that has the transfer section completed by the seller

A completed Application for a Certificate of Title With/Without Registration

Proof of vehicle insurance, such as a copy of your insurance policy or insurance card

A completed Florida Insurance Affidavit

A lien satisfaction document to prove that any liens that show up on the title aren’t your responsibility

If the transfer is an out-of-state vehicle title, you also must submit a Vehicle Identification Number and Odometer Verification.

To ensure everything is completed correctly, buyers and sellers are encouraged to go to the state’s tax collector’s office together.

Also, both parties should save copies of the bill of sale for their own records.

Title and Registration Fees

Whether you transfer a vehicle title within Florida or outside the state, you can expect to pay a host of fees.

If you are transferring a title within the state, you are charged $75.25 for an electronic title and $77.75 for a paper title.

The state charges an additional $2 for each lien.

For out-of-state transfers, you can expect to pay $85.25 for an electronic title and $87.75 for a paper title.

The state charges an additional $2 for each lien.

Those new to Florida pay an initial registration fee of $225. Otherwise, Florida charges registration fees based on vehicle type, weight, number of years you will be registering the vehicle, and license plate you select.

Car owners can register vehicles for one or two years.

Registration fees start at $27.60, according to the state.

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Florida Bill Of Sale Template PDF Free Download

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