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Firearm Gun Bill Of Sale

A Firearm Bill of Sale is a legal document that memorializes the sale of a firearm between two parties– a seller and a buyer.

In exchange for a certain amount of money, the seller agrees to transfer ownership of a firearm to the buyer.

A Firearm Bill of Sale serves as an official record that a firearm was sold on a certain date for a certain price.

What Is a Federal Firearms License (FFL)?

A Federal Firearms License (FFL) is given to gun shops and businesses and allows them to sell, manufacture, and transport firearms and ammunition in the United States.

FFL businesses have to abide by certain procedures, including customer background checks, in order to allow customers to purchase firearms from them.

In most cases, gun owners do not need to have an FFL when selling a gun privately unless outlined in their state or local laws.

However, it is necessary for the public and private sale of firearms over state lines.

What is a Concealed Carry?

Concealed carry is possessing a firearm while in the public in a hidden manner.

A permit is required in most parts of the United States while some States have constitutional rights to possess a concealed carry weapon without a license.

A concealed carry is usually a gun such as a pistol or similar handgun.

How to Get a Permit

Getting a concealed carry permit depends on the laws in the carrier’s jurisdiction.

Concealed carry is legal in every part of the United States although the local laws and permits must be followed.

For most midwest areas there are constitutional rights to a concealed carry without a license while cities like New York have strict permitting laws.

How to Sell a Gun Using a Firearm Bill of Sale

If you’re selling a gun in a state that allows private firearm sales, it’s important to take the following steps:

Step 1: Check State Laws on Private Gun Sales

While you may not need a Firearm Bill of Sale to sell a gun, knowing the local and state laws regarding private firearm sales will protect you from legal issues. [2]

Private firearm sales to unlicensed individuals like a friend have certain restrictions in some states, while others don’t allow them at all.

Additionally, some states have restrictions such as mandatory background checks on sales between unlicensed individuals, while others have few or no regulations in place.

If the law seems complex or unclear, your safest bet is to contact your local Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF) office and ask for information. [3]

Step 2: Do a Background Check

Background check requirements for private gun sales vary across states. [4] 

For example, only 13 states and Washington D.C. require background checks for all gun sales, even if they are private transactions.

It’s important to figure out if you need to conduct a background check through a licensed dealer or government agency before selling to the buyer.

Step 3: Ask for a Gun License or Permit

To limit the risk of selling to someone who shouldn’t have a gun, ask the buyer if they currently have a license to carry, a concealed carry permit, or other such documentation.

If they don’t, consider asking them to get one before selling them the gun.

While it’s not required, it does offer a certain level of security, as the process for getting one often involves a background check and basic gun training.

Certain states require some sort of permit or license before buyers can purchase or carry a firearm.

Step 4: Arrange an In-Person Exchange

Meeting face-to-face with the buyer allows you to check their ID and verify that they’re from the same state where the private gun sale is taking place.

You can’t send or sell a gun across state lines without first sending the weapon to a licensed firearm dealer for a state background check.

Step 5: Complete a Firearm Bill of Sale

To protect yourself from future liabilities, you and the buyer should fill out a Firearm Bill of Sale to finalize the sale of the gun.

The document will have your information in case legal authorities need to contact you, and the buyer’s information will let officials trace the gun’s ownership.

Selling a gun privately might differ in process among states, but a Firearm Bill of Sale generally includes the following details:

Seller: The personal information of the individual transferring the gun to the buyer.

Buyer: The personal information of the individual buying or receiving the gun from the seller.

Property: A complete description of the gun being sold and its current condition.

Payment Terms: A record of the amount of money paid or “value received” for the transaction.

Warranty: A note of whether the weapon is being sold “as is” or if there are any guarantees on the item.

Date: A record of when the firearm was sold.

Because this form is an official record of a gun sale, it should be signed by both parties.

Once the exchange is complete, make sure both you and the buyer each have a copy of the completed Firearm Bill of Sale.

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