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General Construction Standard

The Contractor shall perform all excavation, backfilling, grubbing, and grading required for the construction and installation of pipelines, structures, and appurtenances.

Excavation shall include the removal of pavement, concrete, rock, earth, and debris, regardless of character.

Trenches and excavations shall be sheeted, shored, and braced by the Contractor, as necessary to allow construction and provide safe working conditions.

Additionally, the Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining a dry excavation by dewatering. He shall also locate, support, and protect existing utilities and structures encountered in the work, provide traffic control, dispose of surplus and unsuitable excavated materials and restore backfilled areas to original condition or as required by the respective contract drawings and specifications.

All backfilled and restored areas shall be maintained by the Contractor, in a proper condition, for the duration of the project.

Rules And Parameters For Excavation

A. The Contractor shall excavate, maintain and backfill all excavation necessary for completing the work under the contract. Unless otherwise specified or approved, the excavation shall be open cut.

B. Trenches shall be excavated to the necessary width and depth, as shown on the drawings and as required for the safe installation of the utility, etc.

C. The sides of the trenches shall be practically plumb and shall not be sloped unless approved in writing by the Engineer.

Trench sides shall be supported or sheeted as required to protect pavement surfaces, curbing, utilities, etc., and required for safety. Safety regulations shall be as required by State safety codes and OSHA.

D. In paved areas, the Contractor shall remove the paving only as necessary for the excavation of the trench or as detailed.

Pavement edges at the trench shall be sawed cut neat and straight prior to the start of any excavation. Should the pavement damage result from cave-ins, settlement, etc., he shall replace such paving at his own expense.

E. The excavation of all trenches shall be fully completed at least twenty (20) feet in advance of pipe laying unless otherwise authorized or directed.

The Engineer or Owner may require the backfilling of the open trench, overcomplete pipelines, or ahead of the pipe laying the operation, if in his judgment, such action is necessary.

F. Should work be stopped for any reason and any excavation is left open for an unreasonable length of time, the Contractor shall refill the excavation at his own expense if so directed, and shall not reopen the excavation until he is ready to complete the facility.

Should the Contractor refuse or fail to refill any excavation completely within eight (8) hours after proper notice, the Owner shall be authorized to do the work and expenses resulting shall be paid by the Contractor.

G. The Contractor shall complete excavation as nearly as practicable to the lines of the utility to be installed as detailed. All cavities in the bottom of the trench shall be filled to the required level with compacted crushed stone or gravel.

H. Excavated materials shall be graded, hauled, stored, and protected as such material found suitable will be required for backfilling, repaving, or other purposes. Material classified as unsuitable shall be disposed of by the Contractor.

I. Excavated materials shall not be placed on private property unless written permission is obtained from the property Owner.

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