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Eviction Notice

An eviction notice ( or an eviction letter ) is a legal document used by a landlord to evict a tenant for not complying with the original terms of the lease or rental agreement.

In some cases, the landlord may believe the problem is not fixable and send what’s known as an incurable eviction notice.

In the case of an incurable eviction notice, the tenant has no choice but to vacate the property within a certain number of days.

Even if the landlord serves an eviction notice, the tenant has the right to stay on the premises until a judge hears from the landlord and the tenant.

Types of Eviction Notices

As a reference, there are three kinds of notices:

1. Pay Rent or Quit Notices (“Failure to Pay Rent”)

The tenant has 3 to 5 days (check your local housing laws) to pay rent or leave.

Most state eviction laws agree that tenants should pay their rent on time.

More than a third of the states require landlords to give a minimum 3-day eviction notice when rent is late or overdue, while almost a quarter of the states require a minimum of 5-days, and only six states require 7-days.

2. Cure or Quit Notices (“Lease Violation”)

Tenants have a certain amount of time to correct or “cure” a problem like violating a no-smoking or no-pet policy.

Otherwise, they must leave or “quit” the premises.

States vary widely on the minimum number of days a landlord should give tenants to cure the default (i.e., no longer violate the lease provision).

If a tenant has broken one of their promises in the lease agreement, nine states require that landlords give tenants a minimum 3-day eviction notice.

Interestingly, eight states do not require a minimum notice since the lease already spells out the obligations, and the tenant is perhaps assumed to have broken the lease knowingly.

3. Unconditional Quit Notices (End “Month-to-Month”)

The tenant cannot pay rent or correct the problem because, on multiple occasions, they have:

failed to pay rent on time violated the lease agreement seriously damaged (or is currently damaging) the premises committed a crime on the premises (like selling drugs or running a prostitution business).

Most states (more than ⅔) require only a 30-day eviction notice to end a month-to-month or holdover tenancy, but some states like Delaware and Georgia provide a more tenant-friendly 60-day notice.

Landlords also use unconditional quit notices to end an unwanted landlord-tenant relationship with someone who has overstayed their lease (i.e., a Tenant at Sufferance).

Notice Periods & Laws

 Alabama7-Day Notice7-Day Notice§ 35-9A-421(b)§ 35-9A-421(a)
 Alaska7-Day Notice10-Day NoticeAS 34.03.220(b)AS 34.03.160
 Arizona5-Day Notice10-Day Notice§ 33-1368(2b)§ 33-1368(A)
 Arkansas3-Day Notice14-Day Notice§ 18-60-304(3)§ 18-17-901
 California3-Day Notice3-Day NoticeCCP § 1161(2)CCP §1161(3)
 Colorado10-Day Notice10-Day Notice§ 13-40-104
 Connecticut3-Day NoticeN/A§ 47a-23
 Delaware5-Day Notice7-Day NoticeTitle 25 § 550225 § 5513
 Florida3-Day Notice7-Day Notice§ 83.56(3)§ 83.56(1)
 GeorgiaImmediate NoticeN/A§ 44-7-50
 Hawaii15-Day Notice10-Day Notice§ 521-68§ 521-72
 Idaho3-Day Notice3-Day Notice§ 6-303(2)§ 6-303(3)
 Illinois5-Day Notice10-Day Notice735 ILCS 5/9-209735 ILCS 5/9-210
 Indiana10-Day NoticeN/AIC 32-31-1-6
 Iowa3-Day Notice7-Day Notice§ 562a.27(2)§ 562A.27(1)
 Kansas*10-Day Notice*14-Day Notice*§ 58-2507, *§ 58-2564(1)
 KentuckyBy CountyBy CountyBy County
 Louisiana5-Day Notice5-Day NoticeCCP 4701
 Maine7-Day Notice7-Day NoticeTitle 14 § 6002§ 6025 & § 6002
 Maryland10-Day Notice30-Day Notice§ 8-401§ 8–402.1
 Massachusetts14-Day Notice30-Day NoticeChapter 186, Section 11
 Michigan7-Day Notice7-Day Notice§ 554.134(2)§ 600.5714 & § 554.134(4)
 Minnesota14-Day NoticeN/A§ 504B.135(b)
 Mississippi3-Day Notice14/30 Day Notice§ 89-8-13
 MissouriImmediate Notice10-Day Notice§ 535.060§ 441.040
 Montana3-Day Notice3-Day Notice§ 70-24-422
 Nebraska7-Day Notice14/30 Day Notice§ 76-1431(2)§ 76-1431(1)
 Nevada5-Day Notice5-Day NoticeNRS 40.2512
 New Hampshire7-Day Notice30-Day Notice § 540:3
 New Jersey30-Day Notice30-Day Notice§ 2A:18-61.2(b)
 New Mexico3-Day Notice7-Day Notice§ 47-8-33§ 47-8-33(b)
 New York14-Day Notice30-Day Notice§ 711(2)§ 753(4)
 North Carolina10-Day NoticeImmediate Notice§ 42-3§ 42-26
 North Dakota3-Day Notice3-Day Notice§ 47-32
 Ohio3-Day Notice3-Day Notice§ 1923.02 & § 1923.04§ 1923.04
 Oklahoma5-Day Notice10/15 Day NoticeTitle 41 § 131§ 41-132
 Oregon72-/144-Hour Notice10/14 Day NoticeORS  § 90.394§ 90.392
 Pennsylvania10-Day Notice15/30 Day Notice§ 250.501(b)
 Rhode Island5-Day Notice20-Day Notice§ 34-18-35§ 34-18-36
 South Carolina5-Day Notice14-Day Notice§ 27-40-710(B)§ 27-40-710
 South Dakota3-Day NoticeReasonable Notice§ 21-16-2(4)§ 43-32-18
 Tennessee14-Day Notice30-Day Notice§ 66-28-505§ 66-7-109
 Texas3-Day Notice3-Day Notice§ 24.005
 Utah3-Day Notice3-Day Notice§ 78B-6-802
 Vermont14-Day Notice30-Day Notice§ 4467
 Virginia5-Day Notice21/30 Day Notice§ 55.1-1415§ 55.1-1245
 Washington14-Day Notice10-Day NoticeSB-5600RCW 59.12.030
West VirginiaImmediate NoticeImmediate Notice§ 55-3A-1
 Wisconsin5-Day Notice5-Day Notice§ 704.17(2)
 Wyoming3-Day Notice3-Day Notice§ 1-21-1003
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Eviction Letter Template  PDF Free Download

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