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Estimating In Building Construction

On joists, the figure per square for labor can be easily found.

On the 2x 14, 16 in. centers already given, for instance, the cost is, at 40 cents, $1.55 per square, not including bridging.

But if this method is followed the centers must be watched. At 12 in.

the cost would be $2.05. At a 50 cent rate, $1.94 and $2.56.

On the maple flooring above the kind of work has to be considered.

I have seen 2 men work hard and lay less than a square in a day. With a small room and crooked material, no progress is made.

In the following figures, compiled from the data in my “New Building Estimator,” labor is put at 40 and 50 cents per hour for an 8-hour day.

The B. M. quantity is made out for one man and not for two, as elsewhere in the book; but the rate per 1,000 being given the cost is easily seen and changed to suit local prices.

If the rate per hour is 60 cents add the difference between 40 and 50 to the latter; if 45 or 55 take half.

Thus No. 1 at 40 cents per hour gives $11.50 per 1000 ft. B. M.; at 50 cents, $14.50, or a difference of $2.90.

At 60 cents the figure would thus be $17.40 per 1,000. A difference of 5 cents per hour would be $1.45 per 1,000 ft. B M., up or down

With No. 2 we have $8.50 and $10.65. For a 10 cents difference per hour, this gives $2.15, and $1.08 for every 5 cents.

It is again worthwhile to add the caution that these are cost figures without profit.

Sheeting, shiplap, flooring, and milled stuff require an extra allowance to make up for ripping and matching.

Angle work requires more material if joists are close than if wide, for usually more joints are necessary.

One building might require 7 percent. for this waste, and another 10.

Building Paper is worth from 30 to 50 cents on the wall per square, according to quality. This does not include the expensive kinds.

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Steven J Peterson
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Estimating In Building Construction Pdf Free Download

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