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Employee Vacation Request Form Template PDF Free Download

Employee Time-Off Request

The Purpose of the Vacation Request Form?

As the name suggests, the main purpose of the vacation request form is to send a plea for vacation.

In most cases, these forms are to be filled by the employees willing to take a leave from their company, and the form is sent for approval to the company manager.

You might request the leave orally but when you submit the whole thing in writing, it gets the needed formal touch.

Another big purpose of these forms is to serve as official proof of the leave requested and authorized.

Your company will have complete data on the date when you will return to work.

Who Needs Vacation Request Form?

A vacation request form is to be required by any company, irrespective of the industry.

Whether you run a restaurant or an IT firm, you will have your employees asking for leave and it is in such situations that you would need to forward this form to your staff.

More precisely, it’s your HR department that would need the form as the vacation request has to be authorized by the HR manager only.

Added to offices, academic institutions would benefit greatly from the vacation request form.

It would be used when the students wish to request vacation in a formal manner.

What is Covered by a Vacation Request Form?

A vacation request form primarily forwards the plea for a vacation to a higher authority, mostly on behalf of an employee.

Naturally, it comes with sections relevant to the leave request such as the dates requested for the leave, the particular date on which the employee would be returning to work, and so on.

Some of the forms also ask the employee to mention the reason for taking the leave and the leaves earned by him as well as the leave balance.

Besides, such forms come up with space for signatures from both the employee and the manager entrusted with the power to authorize the request.

You can also see Service Request Forms.

How to Request Time Off From Work

Approval will be dependent on the employer’s policies and procedures in regard to time off requests unless otherwise stated in an employment agreement.

Decide the Type

When an employee is interested in taking time off, they will need to identify the type of time off they will be requesting. Common types of time off are:

Vacation Health/Disability – Sickness, illness, surgery, etc.

Break from Work Bereavement Jury Duty Military


Leave of Absence (Short or Long Term)

Speak With Your Boss

The employee’s boss or manager should be made aware of the request as soon as possible in order to prepare for the absence.

Other factors may also come into play such as if the request is during a busy or high season when employees are needed or if the time off is paid or not.

There is no federal law on how many days off per year an employer must give, although, ten (10) paid days off is the average in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In addition, it states that on average employers grant another eight (8) days off for federal holidays.

Make a Formal Request

Once the employee has spoken to their boss, manager, or human resources department and has identified the type of request it should be submitted formally.

The request should identify the total number of days with dates.

If extenuating circumstances are the basis for the time off, the employee should further include all details and an estimate of when they will be back.

After submitting, the employer should take no more than forty-eight (48) hours to grant their decision.

Inform Co-Workers

If the request is approved, the co-workers should be made aware of the scheduled absence so they may be able to prepare for covering any shifts or being short-handed through the period.

Whether or not the employer tells other staff members, it’s best to maintain a working relationship by having all parties of the company or organization know of the approved request.

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Employee Vacation Request Form Template PDF Free Download

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