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Employee Reimbursement Form

When employees travel for the purpose of the company so that the organization gets benefitted in some way or the other, the company needs to pay for the expenses of the employee.

This reimbursement needs to be done post the purpose after the details of the expenses has been forwarded from the employees’ end to the company.

There might be rules and regulations managing the expense limit, etc.

An expense reimbursement form, therefore notes down the details of the money spent by the employee from his pockets for a particular company-related reason.

After the verification of the authentication of the form, the company reimburses the amount as decided by the two parties.

How to Reimburse Yourself for Expenses

Reimbursing yourself for company expenditures is a process that involves collecting receipts, either online or in paper form, and presenting them to an employer in the hope of being paid back.

Typically, these expenses are incurred during the process of conducting any business-related activity, most commonly, travel, lodging, and food.

Step 1 – What is Considered an “Expense”

A full list of what is considered to be an “expense”, under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), can be found on Form 1040 (Schedule C) Part II.

The most common types of expenses that are paid by employees looking to be reimbursed are:

Advertising – Costs attributed to the advertising of the business or employee’s activities;

Office Supplies – Such as pens, paper, printer cartridges, etc.;

Repairs and Maintenance – For machinery or utilities used by the business;

Taxes – Such as tolls, sales taxes, etc.;

Travel – Lodging, entertainment, meals, renting vehicles; and

Utilities – Cell phone bills, software subscriptions, etc.

The aforementioned expense types are allowed to be expensed from the company in accordance with IRS rules, although, this does not guarantee that the company will reimburse the employee.

Step 2 – Keep Your Receipts

Employers usually require documentation of reimbursement claims – so receipts for allowable purchases should be saved and submitted with the reimbursement form.

Though it may not be possible to prove mileage, gas, and toll receipts are usually good enough.

If driving a significant distance, you may also print and submit directions from an online mapping site such as Google Maps to verify the distance travelled.

Note that the IRS sets standard mileage reimbursement rates.

All hope is not lost if you’ve discarded receipts.

Most banks make records of credit or debit card activity available online. Log into your online banking site and check the account activity section to find electronic records of purchases.

Step 3 – Categorize Your Expenses

Use the employee reimbursement form (Download) to properly categorize the expenses. It’s important to be as detailed as possible listing the payment:


Method – Credit card, cash, check, etc.; and

Purpose & Description.

Calculate the grand total and submit it directly to the employer or to the respective department.

Step 4 – Get Reimbursed

Most employers have a 30-day reimbursement program unless the company gives reimbursements immediately.

The employee may have to also submit additional paperwork in accordance with company policy.

Afterwards, the employee should be given an untaxed check in the amount of the total expensed amount.

 make an Expense Reimbursement Form:

Expense reimbursement form template formats keep varying depending on the purpose it serves.

Categories may vary when it is a purchase-reimbursement form and not a travel-return form.

However, to draw a basic generic format, the necessary details in it, include:

Step 1: Note Employees’ Details

This includes the name, designation, address, date of purchase or travel, etc.

This must be the first thing to register in the form.

Step 2: Record The Expenses

You must categorize this into different sectors that comprise the total expense.

Use a table for purpose like food, lodging, transportation, etc.

The amount for each must be recorded next to the type.

Step 3: Draft the Declaration

The applicant must announce that the data provided by him is authentic and true.

He must sign and authenticate that the information that has been provided is correct.

Step 4: Note Down the Payment Method

The way in which the applicant desires the reimbursement must also be recorded.

the bank or card detail, the amount, etc must be mentioned in the form itself.

Step 5: Mention the Documents to be Attached

A number of proofs might be demanded on the part of the company like hotel bills, food receipts, etc to ensure the authenticity of the amount spent.

Mention which documents are needed on the form itself.

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Employee Reimbursement Template PDF Free Download

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