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Who is the Target Audience?

The Employee Discipline Forms, employee notice of discipline forms, grievance or education-related forms and the action appeal forms, whatever nature may be, the target audience is clearly the employee who is the reason for the incident to happen or the people who were involved in the scene and the company.

The disciplinary form is a warning or a procedure to secure the company from being affected or keep the employee from repeating the mistake.

This prompts the individual or the group to go with the terms of the form making it apparent that the necessary action will be taken. 

When to Use an Employee Disciplinary Action Form

An Employee Disciplinary Action Form should be utilized when there are professional behaviour or performance concerns regarding an individual that require immediate improvement.

Disciplinary action could be taken for inappropriate conduct, safety violation, performance or quality issues, absenteeism, late arrivals,  policy/procedure violation, etc.

Elements of an Employee Disciplinary Action

The Employee Disciplinary Action Form should be inclusive of all pertinent details that are encompassing the issue and the employee.

Common information to include is:

The employee’s first and last names.

The date of disciplinary action.

A detailed description of the issue (include dates, times, location and witnesses of the issue, if applicable).

Any prior history in relation to disciplinary action at hand.

Any employee comments in regards to the disciplinary action.

Corrective action being requested of the employee and the expected date of appropriate behaviour or improvement.

Additional pertinent comments of the Manager or individual providing Disciplinary action, as a result of the meeting.

The name of the employee reporting Manager.

Signature of the employee acknowledging corrective action form and agreement of requested improved behaviour.

Signature of the employee’s Manager or individual providing Disciplinary action.

What are The Benefits of Employee Discipline Forms?

The benefits of the Employee Discipline Form are completely on the firm.

Since the form is legally binding, if any further issues occur that require the assistance of the courtroom, these employee discipline notifications that were sent to the employee previously can be produced by the employee.

On the off-hand, it is also like the employee promises to the firm that he or she will not be the reason for any similar events further inside the company premises.

Step by Step: Disciplining an Employee

1. Give verbal warning of violation

Once a violation, lack of performance or behaviour concern is presented the employee should be notified immediately.

Communication should encompass suggested methods to improve behaviour along with pertinent policies and procedures in question.

2. After the second violation give written notice

Once the employee commits a second violation the employee should be provided with a written notice by the appropriate company representative.

The notice should provide details of the inappropriate behaviour, performance concern or policy violation.

Employees should be notified immediately of expectations and ways to improve along with consequences if the improvement is not received.

3. Third strike constitutes an employee review

After the third violation of a company policy, lack of performance or evidence of inappropriate behaviour a formal review may be conducted of the employee.

All previous history of company concerns or violations should be documented and the employee should be notified of the next actionable steps that may be taken by the Manager or company.

Appropriate Human Resources consultants may be present to ensure appropriate performance guidelines and disciplinary action are taken.

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