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DC Tayal Electricity And Magnetism PDF Free Download

Electricity And Electronics Book PDF Free Download


It is a well-established fact that bodies that are not in the cod act can interact with each other without the use of an intervening medium.

The best-known interaction of this kind is gravitation. In certain circumstances, the interaction between separated bodies can be such that.

The forces produced on them completely overshadow the gravitational attraction. In these cases, we say that these bodies are magnetic or charged.

We can show that a glass rod rubbed with silk will repel the second lass foil rubbed with silk and will attract a hard rubber rod rubbed with fur.

Two hard rubber rods rubbed with fur will repel each other. We explain these facts by saying that rubbing a rod gives it an electric charge and the charges.

On the glass rod and on the hard rubber must be different in nature. It is also clear that like charges repel and unlike charges attract.

Benjamin Franklin, American Physicist, named the kind of charge that appears on the glass positive and the kind that appears on the hard rubber negative.

He also observed that equal negative and positive charges are obtained at the same time by the rubber on the one hand and by the body rubbed on the other.

Electric effects are not limited to glass or rubber, any substance rubbed with any other under suitable conditions will become charged.

In the process of acquiring the electric charge, a small amount of one kind of electricity is transferred from one to the other body. In this way, one body would become positive and another negative.

The charge is quantized. The atomic theory of matter has shown that fluids (e.g., water and ait) are not continuous, but are made up of atoms.

Milikan’s oil drop experiment shows that there is exact equality in the charges carried by all charged drops. The charge is written as one, where is an integer number.

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DC Tayal Electricity And Magnetism PDF Free Download

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