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What’s a Drywall Subcontractor?

A drywall subcontractor is a self-employed individual or a business hired by a general contractor to install or repair drywall (a.k.a., “plasterboard” or “sheetrock”) on commercial and residential construction sites.

Their primary duties include measuring and cutting drywall panels, fastening drywall to ceilings and walls, taping seams, applying drywall compounds, and sanding uneven surfaces.

An experienced drywall subcontractor will select the proper materials and tools in order to execute drywall projects efficiently and reduce wasted resources.

They are equipped with scaffolding, drywall stilts, and other devices that enable them to hang drywall safely, especially in areas that are high or otherwise difficult to reach.

Does a Drywall Subcontractor Need a License?

Licensing requirements vary depending on the state and the circumstances surrounding the construction project.

In some states, a general contractor’s license is needed to operate as a drywall installer.

Other states demand a commercial license to work on commercial property, or a residential license to work on residential property.

There are often minimum education and experience levels the subcontractor must reach to obtain their license.

It’s always best to review state law to determine whether licensure is needed.

What’s Should the Agreement Include?

Drywall subcontractor agreements should specify the following information:

The name and mailing addresses of each party.

The drywall services are to be provided.

When the project will start and end.

The amount, frequency, and method of payment.

Whether the subcontractor will be reimbursed for materials and other expenses.

How the parties will settle disputes.

Whether the agreement can be terminated before the completion date.

How to Write

Step 1 – Enter the Scope of Work

This section of the agreement will identify the location of the work, materials needed, the responsible party for the materials, length of time allowed for the work, date work must be completed, list of tools and machinery, etc.

In addition, a drawing or samples may be included to ensure the subcontractor has a full understanding of the request.

Step 2 – How much will the Subcontractor be paid

The total sum to be paid for the service will be identified.

Step 3 – Deadlines and Payment Schedule

Language regarding the terms of payments should be added.

For example, as a certain percentage of the work is completed, payments will be released to the subcontractor.

Additionally, the conditions for the final payment will be addressed i.e., verification work has been done timely and accurately.

Step 4 – Laws and Safety

This section will discuss the responsible party for ensuring all construction has been completed with the appropriate regulations.

The subcontractor will need to ensure they are completing the work safely.

It will also be the responsibility of the subcontractor to ensure they are compliant with any state or federal laws, building codes, Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations (OSHA) and so forth.

The contract may further determine who is the responsible party for any potential accidents or issues with the laws corresponding to the construction work

Step 5 – Authorization

All parties will need to sign the agreement. Signatures should be completed after a full understanding of the contract is in place.

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Drywall Subcontractor Agreement Template PDF Free Download

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