Crusade In Europe By Dwight D Eisenhower

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Prelude to War

In the Allied Headquarters at Rhelms, Field Marshal Jodl signed the instrument of German surrender on May 7, 1943.

At midnight of the next day, there ended, in Europe, a conflict that had been tagging since September 1, 1939.

Between these two dates, millions of Europeans had been killed. Russian industry west of the Volga had been almost obliterated.

All of Europe west of the Rhine had, with minor exceptions, lived for more than four years under the domination of an occupying army.

Free institutions and free speech had disappeared. Economies were broken and industry prostrated.

In Germany itself, after years of seeming invincibility, a carpet of destruction and desolation had spread over the land.

Her bridges were down, her cities in ruins, and her great industrial capacity practically paralyzed.

Great Britain had exhausted herself economically and financially to carry on her part of the war, the nation was almost entirely mobilized.

With everybody of useful age, men and women alike, either in the armed forces or engaged in some type of production for war.

America had not been spared: by V-J Day in the Pacific, 322,188 of her youth had been lost in battle or had died in the service and approximately 700,000 more had been wounded.

The nation had poured forth resources in unstinted measure not only to support her own armies and navies and air forces.

But also to give her Allies equipment and weapons with which to operate effectively against the common enemy. Each of the Allies had.

According to its means, contributed to the common cause but America had stood pre-eminent as the arsenal of democracy.

We were the nation that, from the war’s beginning to its end, had achieved the greatest transformation from almost complete military weakness to astounding strength and effectiveness.

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Crusade In Europe Book PDF Free Download

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