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Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale

A Colorado motor vehicle bill of sale is a legal document provided by a seller as proof that payment has been provided and ownership of a motor vehicle has been transferred.

This document is written as an “as is” document, meaning there is no warranty by the previous owner of the vehicle.

It will provide all of the vehicle information and what is needed for the buyer to provide to the DMV for titling and proof of ownership.

Colorado Bill of Sale Requirements

In Colorado, a bill of sale is only required in certain circumstances.

A title transfer should generally suffice when a seller reassigns ownership of a vehicle or vessel to a buyer.

A bill of sale becomes necessary when a vehicle is purchased after hours and it needs to be driven prior to registration.

It is also necessary when there is no space on the current title for the odometer reading.

There is an official bill of sale provided by the state, but it is usually only available for purchase through a state-approved vendor.

The exceptions are the few counties that provide their own bills of sale.

You will have to call your county’s local Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to find out if your county is one of them.

For example, Broomfield County provides a form on its website.

Language Requirements

Bills of the sale in Colorado, as well as other DMV documents, are not translated into Spanish or any other language. Also, the state does not provide interpreters; however, you may bring your own.

All translated documents must state the following, typed or printed on the same page:

“I, (insert translator name), affirm that the foregoing is a complete and accurate translation from (insert name foreign language) to the English language to the best of my ability.

I further affirm that I am fully competent to translate from (insert name of foreign language) into the English language and that I am proficient in both languages.”

Number of Copies

If a bill of sale is needed to complete a vehicle or vessel sales transaction, then you will need one copy to submit to the state, along with a copy for the buyer and a copy for the seller.

If a bill of sale is not legally needed, you should only have to make copies for each of the parties to the sale.

Registering a Vehicle

After purchasing a vehicle, new owners have sixty (60) days to register a vehicle.

New residents have ninety (90) days to complete registration.

Sometimes, dealerships will complete registrations for buyers, but all private sales must handle registration in person.

Registration is valid for twelve (12) months and must be renewed annually, and renewal may be completed with Colorado’s online renewal system.

Where to Register

Colorado vehicle owners should go to the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles to register new vehicles.

Required Documents

Bill of Sale;

Odometer Disclosure Statement;

Certificate of Title (if the vehicle was titled in a different state, a VIN verification is needed);

Valid driver’s license;

Emissions inspection form (if applicable);

Sellers are required to provide an emissions test to applicable vehicles, and some counties do not require emissions tests. Find more information here.

A Motor Vehicle Power of Attorney is required if an individual is registering the vehicle on another’s behalf;

Appropriate payment method for Registration Fees; and

Proof of Insurance with required minimums:

$25,000 bodily injury/death for one person

$50,000 bodily injury/death for all persons

$15,000 property damage

After Purchasing a Vehicle

Besides a proper bill of sale, many other documents must be processed and submitted in order to register your vehicle or vessel in Colorado. Here is a detailed list:

Dealership Sales

For buyers:

Most dealership agents in Colorado will submit your car registration papers for you on your behalf.

However, you should confirm this before leaving, as you may have to file the paperwork yourself.

If your vehicle is new, your paperwork must state that is explicitly, or you will have to complete a VIN verification, or Form DR 2698.

Private Sales

For buyers:

In certain counties in Colorado, you may need a mandatory smog inspection in order to register your vehicle.

Those counties include Boulder, Broomfield, Douglas, and Jefferson.

There are also counties in which only certain sections require inspections.

Those counties include Adams, Arapahoe, Larimer, and Weld. If you are not sure whether you live in a designated area, it is best to call your local county office.

You have 60 days to register any vehicle with the DMV.

You must go down in person to your county’s local office with either the current registration certificate or the title, proof of identification, proof of passing your emission test (if applicable), and payment for all taxes and registration fees.

Registrations in Colorado are valid for one year.

Your registration fees are determined by three separate factors, which are the vehicle’s weight, taxable value, and the date it was purchased.

Many counties have an estimator on their websites to determine vehicle registration fees.

You must pay sales tax which is based on the net price that you paid for the vehicle.

You will also have to pay an ownership tax, which is a personal property tax that is based on the value of the vehicle when it was brand new.

This amount does not decrease throughout the life of the vehicle.

If you have recently moved to Colorado, you have 90 days to register your vehicle and obtain proper Colorado plates.

If you do not register your vehicle within 90 days, you will be subject to paying a late fee.

You must complete a VIN verification, or Form DR 2698 if your vehicle is used and was purchased in another state.

The verification must be performed by a member of law enforcement, a licensed Colorado emissions testing agent, or a licensed car dealer.

If you are active military from out-of-state and stationed in Colorado, you may keep your current registration in your home state, or you may register your vehicle in Colorado.

However, if you register your vehicle in the state, you will be exempt from paying the state’s own tax.

To claim the exemption, you must visit your county DMV office with a copy of your military orders stationing you in Colorado, a current leave and earnings statement, and a Nonresidence and Military Service Exemption from Specific Ownership Tax Affidavit, or Form DR 2667.

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Colorado Motor Vehicle Bill Of Sale Template PDF Free Download

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