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Colorado Power Of Attorney

A Colorado power of attorney lets a person handle important decisions on someone else’s behalf related to finances, medical care, minor children, and any other special request.

These types of forms can be used in a broad range of circumstances, including in a temporary situation where an individual will be out of town for a short period of time or in a long-term situation where an individual wants to protect him or herself in the event he or she becomes incapacitated.

Because the person entrusted with the power will be able to take action on someone else’s behalf, it is important the individual granting the power trusts the person implicitly.

Colorado POA Requirements

These requirements have to be satisfied for a POA to be valid in Colorado:

The principal must be 18 years of age.

The document must list the:

name and signature of the principal

name of the agent(s)

date of the agreement

powers granted

when the powers begin and end

The principal must acknowledge their signature before a notary or other individuals authorized by the law to take acknowledgements.

How to Get Power of Attorney in Colorado

To set up power of attorney, the agent and the principal sign and date a power of attorney form.

Spouses, companions, and other relatives must request a court proceeding for conservatorship to handle business and financial matters if individuals become incapacitated and do not have a valid power of attorney documents.

In these situations, the court decides who gets granted the power to handle the affairs.

In Colorado, Part 7 of the Uniform Fiduciaries Law regulates durable powers of attorney.

The power of attorney builder as well as all forms and templates on this page comply with Colorado law.

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Colorado Power Of Attorney Template PDF Free Download

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