The Case Of The Terrified Typist By Erle Stanley Gardner

The Case Of The Terrified Typist Book PDF Free Download

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PERRY MASON eyed the brief which Jackson, his law clerk, had submitted for his approval.

Della Street, sitting across the desk from the lawyer, correctly interpreted the expression on Mason’s face. “What was wrong with it?’ she asked.

‘Quite a few things, Mason said. In the first place, I’ve had to shorten it from ninety-six pages to thirty-two.

‘Good heavens, Della said. Jackson told me he had already shortened it twice and he couldn’t take out another word.”

Mason grinned. ‘How are we fixed for typists, Della?’

‘Stella is down with the flu and Annie is simply snowed under an avalanche of work.”

Then we’ll have to get an outside rapist, Masc told her. This brief has to be ready for the printer tomorrow.”

‘All right. I’ll call the agency and have a typist sent up right away. Della Street promised. ‘In the meantime,’ Mason told her, ‘I’m going over

this thing once again and see if I can’t take out another four or five pages. Briefs shouldn’t be written to impress the client.

They should be concise, and above all, the writer should see that the Court has a clear grasp of the facts in the case before there is an argument about the law.

The judges know the law. If they don’t, they have clerks who look it up.”

Mason picked up a thick blue pencil, held it poised in his hand, and once more started reading through the sheaf of pages, which already showed signs of heavy editing.

Della Street went to the outer office to telephone for a typist.

When she returned Mason looked up. ‘Get one?” The agency doesn’t have one at the moment.

That is, those they have are rather mediocre. I told them you wanted one who is fast, accurate, and willing; that you didn’t want to have to read this thing through again and find a lot of typographical errors.

Mason nodded, went on with his editing. When can we expect one, Della?’

AuthorErle Stanley Gardner
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The Case Of The Terrified Typist Book PDF Free Download

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