Brighton Rock By Graham Greene

Brighton Rock Book PDF Free Download

Brighton Rock Book PDF Free Download

Excerpt From The Book

Hale knew before he had been in Brighton three hours, that they meant to murder him. With his inky fingers and his bitten nails.

His manner cynical and nervous, anybody could tell he didn’t belong – belong to the early summer sun, the cool Whitsun wind off the sea, the holiday crowd.

They came in by train from Victoria every five minutes, rocked down Queen’s Road standing on the tops of the little local trams, stepped off in bewildered multitudes into fresh and glittering air.

The new silver paint sparkled on the piers, the cream houses ran away into the west like a pale Victorian watercolour; a race in miniature motors.

A band playing, flower gardens in bloom below the front, an aeroplane advertising something for the health in pale vanishing clouds across the sky.

It had seemed quite easy to Hale to be lost in Brighton. Fifty thousand people besides himself were down for the day, and for quite a while he gave himself up to the good day.

Drinking gins and tonics wherever his programme allowed. For he had to stick closely to a programme: from ten till eleven Queen’s Road and Castle Square

From eleven till twelve the Aquarium and Palace Pier, twelve till one the front between the Old Ship and West Pier, back for lunch between one and two in any restaurant he chose to round the Castle Square.

And after that, he had to make his way all down the parade to the West Pier and then to the station by the Hove streets.

These were the limits of his absurd and widely advertised sentry-go. He drank his gin and tonic hastily as a clock struck eleven and moved out of Castle Square.

Kolley Kibber always played fair, always wore the same kind of hat as in the photograph the Messenger printed, was always on time.

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Brighton Rock Book PDF Free Download

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