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A Love Story

Karan Bhalla and Anshuman Bhaiya, the seventeen-year-old twins and the apples of Dadaji’s eyes, are conditioned to hate us, think of us as inferior, belittle us and break our spirits and they really have been taught well.

But unlike Mumma and me, Divya Di still sees some good in them and believes they will turn around someday, fall to their knees and apologize.

She has grown up with them. When they were twelve and had started to truly own their role of vile and crafty bastards who reveled in our misery, Divya Di used to defend them and try to paint a picture of their past niceness.

They never let me carry my bags when they were younger.’ ‘Despite Buaji telling them not to, they would share their paneer with me. Even you, but you don’t remember.’

‘They used to polish your shoes, remember?’ Even now, Divya Di’s only disappointed in them, not angry like the rest of us.

So today, Divya Di had taken to a pleading tone with them, hoping they would see sense. They didn’t.

Despite Di’s and my fervent protests, Karan Bhaiya and Anshuman Bhaiya had decided to fix things themselves.

And that after Divya Di had already fixed it the best she could; they thought it was their brotherly duty to do so, because from the moment Divya Di and I had turned thirteen, the honor of the Vaids rested purely on how we behaved and conducted outside the house.

They had missed a previous opportunity to prove themselves to be worthy men, men who could bravely pick up cudgels and rods and hockey sticks, and defend the women of their family if the need arose.

Three years ago, they couldn’t do anything when it was rumored that Divya DI had lost her virginity to a boy named Vibhor Gupta.

When she was grilled and slapped about at home on whether the rumors were true, she had been mum.

She bore the beatings for a month without a frown; even Karan Bhaiya and Anshuman Bhaiya, years younger than her, had hit her with authority.

Barely fourteen then, they had planned for days to accost the guy and beat him up, only to realize that someone else had already done it for them.

Vibhor Gupta had been beaten within an inch of his life, his house ransacked, and his scooter burnt.

His college classroom had been set on fire, and his admission (and Di’s) had been canceled.

The person who had done it was Meghnad Sharma, an influential boy of politically connected powerful parents from Saharanpur who had been hopelessly in love with Divya Di since her school days.

He had quite a reputation for getting into fights and scuffles on a daily basis; he had even paid a couple of visits to the police station, but his uncles were in charge there.

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The Boy With A Broken Heart Story PDF Free Download

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