Black Boy: A Record of Childhood And Youth PDF

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Black Boy Book PDF Free Download

Black Boy Book PDF Free Download

Black Boy

One winter morning in the long-ago, four-year-old days of my life I found myself standing before a fireplace, warming my hands over a mound of glowing coals, listening to the wind whistle past the house outside.

All morning my mother had been scolding me, telling me to keep still, warning me that I must make no noise. And I was angry, fretful, and impatient.

In the next room, Granny my ill and under the day and night care of a doctor and I knew that would be punished if I did not obey.

I crossed restlessly to the window and pushed back the long fluffy white curtains-which I had been forbidden to touch-and looked yearningly out into the empty street.

I was dreaming of running and playing and shouting, but the vivid image of Granny’s old, white, wrinkled, grim face, framed by a halo of tumbling black hair, lying upon a huge feather pillow, made me afraid.

The house was quiet. Behind me my brother-a year younger then I was playing placidly upon the floor with a toy.

A bird wheeled past the window and I greeted it with a glad shout. “You better hush,” my brother said. “You shut up,” I said.

My mother stepped briskly into the room and closed the door behind her. She came to me and shook her finger in my face. “You stop that yelling, you hear?” she whispered. “You know

Granny’s sick and you better keep quiet! I hung my head and sulked. She left and I ached with bore dom. “I told you so,” my brother gloated.

“You shut up,” I told him again. I wandered listlessly about the room, trying to think of something to do, dreading the return of my mother, resentful of being begged elected.

AuthorRichard Wright
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Black Boy Book PDF Free Download

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