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General Bill Of Sale Form PDF Free Download

Bill Of Sale Forms

What Is a Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale is a document that details a sales transaction or transfer of ownership between two parties.

Once signed, both the buyer and the seller should keep a copy of the bill of sale in order to prove that the transaction took place.

Not all states or counties require a bill of sale, but it is generally recommended to sign one in order to add an extra layer of protection in case of future disputes.

If the asset is transferred as a gift, this can be recorded on the bill of sale and the purchase price can be set to $0.

Depending on your state, you may also need to file an Affidavit of Motor Vehicle Gift Transfer or similar document.

For a vehicle purchase, buyers should keep an original copy of the document for registration.

In some states, you may need to add an odometer disclosure statement, either on the bill of sale or on a separate form.

StateDMV LocationsVehicle Bill of SaleBill of Sale Required?
 AlabamaCounty Title & Registration Office PDFODTWordYes
 AlaskaDivision of Motor Vehicles (DMV) PDFODTWordNo
 ArizonaMotor Vehicle Division (MVD)PDFNo
 ArkansasDept. of Revenue OfficePDFYes
 CaliforniaDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFNo
 ColoradoDivision of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFNo
 ConnecticutDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 DelawareDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFODTWordNo
 FloridaMotor Vehicle Service CentersPDFNo
 GeorgiaCounty Tag OfficePDFYes
 HawaiiDepartment of Transportation, Highways DivisionPDFYes
 IdahoIdaho Transportation Department (DMV)PDFNo
 IllinoisFacility LocationsPDFODTWordYes
 Indiana Indiana Branch Locations (DMV)PDFNo
 IowaIowa Motor Vehicle DivisionPDFYes
 KansasKansas Department of RevenuePDFYes
 Kentucky Drive.KY.GovPDFODTWordNo
 Louisiana Office of Motor VehiclesPDFNo
 Maine Bureau of Motor VehiclesPDFYes
 MarylandMotor Vehicle AdministrationPDFYes
 Massachusetts Registry of Motor VehiclesPDFYes
 MichiganDMV Office FinderPDFYes
 MinnesotaDriver and Vehicle ServicesPDFODTWordNo
 MississippiTax Collector’s OfficePDFODTWordYes
 MissouriLicense Office LocationsPDFYes
 MontanaMotor Vehicle DivisionPDFYes
 NebraskaDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 Nevada Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 New Jersey Motor Vehicle CommissionPDFODTWordNo
 New MexicoMotor Vehicle DivisionPDFYes
 New YorkDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 North CarolinaDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFNo
 North DakotaMotor Vehicle Site Locations (PDF)PDFNo
 Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV)PDFODTWordYes
 OklahomaDept. of Public SafetyPDFODTWordYes
 OregonDept. of Motor VehiclesPDFNo
 PennsylvaniaDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFODTWordNo
 Rhode IslandDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFODTWordYes
 South Carolina Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFNo
 South DakotaMotor Vehicles DivisionPDFYes
 TennesseeDriver ServicesPDFNo
 TexasDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFODTWordYes
 UtahDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 VermontDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 VirginiaDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFODTWordNo
 WashingtonDept. of LicensingPDFYes
 West Virginia Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFYes
 WisconsinDept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV)PDFNo
 WyomingCounty Treasurer’s OfficePDFODTWordYes

When Use a Bill of Sale?

You should use a bill of sale when transferring any valuable item to a new owner.

Many states require you to provide a signed bill of sale as proof of purchase when registering certain items.

You can use it to transfer ownership of items such as the following:

Vehicles (cars, RVs, motorcycles, trailers, campers)

Watercraft (boats, jet skis)

Personal property (bicycles, furniture, jewelry)

Animals (horses, dogs, cats, livestock)

Equipment (tools, exercise equipment)


After a bill of sale has been finalized, the new owner will take possession and will need to register the vehicle within a certain time frame. In order to properly register a vehicle, the following documents and fee(s) will need to be taken to a DMV office location:

Bill of Sale – The original that was signed by the buyer and seller.

Title – A new Certificate of Title will be issued and sent to the owner within 30 days.

Odometer Disclosure Statement – If the car is younger than 10 years and under 16,000 pounds.

Proof of Car Insurance – Usually an insurance card is suitable.

Identification (such as a driver’s license or passport)

Fee(s) – There is a tax or fee charged in every state.

Emissions Test (only required in some states)

Once the vehicle has been registered, the buying process is complete.

How to Write a Bill of Sale Form

Buyers and sellers can follow the simple steps below to fill out their blank bill of sale form and record the transfer or sale of a vehicle or any other item.

The seller typically provides the document but you may wish to bring your own form just in case you’re the buyer.

Remember to check individual state requirements before creating your form, as some states have different requirements for certain items, especially when it comes to cars.

Complete the bill of sale in full and accurately describe the item being transferred or sold.

If the seller withholds any information about the item, the form may be null and void (not legally valid).

Both parties should keep a copy of the signed document for their records.

Step 1 – Negotiate the Terms of the Sale

Before filling out a bill of sale, the buyer and seller should confirm the item’s condition and agree to its sale.

At this stage, both parties agree on a payment method and any special conditions of the sale, such as a warranty or financing.

If the buyer chooses to pay in cash, the amount needs to be paid in full at the time of the sale.

Financing is commonly handled separately through a bank.

When a bill of sale includes a warranty, it must clearly explain what damage and repairs the guarantee covers and for how long.

If the document does not have a warranty, the item is sold “as-is.”

Therefore, the buyer must check the item thoroughly and ask any questions before the sale is completed and the form is signed.

Step 2 – Fill Out the Bill of Sale With the Required Information

Once the terms of the sale have been agreed upon, the buyer and seller should complete the bill of sale form.

Be careful as you fill it out, as both parties’ handwriting must be legible for the form to be valid.

A bill of sale includes the following sections that you must complete:

Seller and Buyer Information

The seller and buyer need to write their contact details, including their full name, street address, city, state, zip code, telephone number, and email address.

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General Bill Of Sale Form PDF Free Download

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