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Background Check Authorization

A background check authorization form is a release given to allow someone else to perform credit and criminal background checks. 

A person that is agreeing to have their information looked up must provide consent to the requesting party.

This release is completed by filling in the releasor’s information including their full name (including aliases or maiden names), current address, Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth (DOB), and providing their signature.

The requestor, at their option, may ask for additional information.

Types of background checks

The background check authorization form you would use depends on what background check you plan to conduct. 

Following are the most common background checks along with a description of what they’re all about:

Credit Background Check
Most of us have heard about this type and perhaps most of us have experienced it too.

The purpose of this background check is to record a person’s credit-to-debt ratio which demonstrates how the person managed his bill payments and credit in the past.

It’s also known as the “credit report” and it’s a standard requirement to apply for a credit card, car loan, home loan, and more.

New tenants who plan to apply to rental properties must also submit a credit background check release form as a verification of their good credit history and their ability to pay on time.

There are also some jobs that require this background check, especially positions in the finance industry where employees handle money or have access to finances every day.

Criminal Background Check

Submitting a background check consent form for a criminal background check becomes a requirement in situations where an organization or person needs wants to learn about a major criminal activity like violence, sex crimes, embezzlement, felony convictions or fraud.

Companies should verify these first before they make a decision in terms of employment, military enlistment, firearm purchase, adoption, and other situations.

Most employers, perform this check to look into the criminal records of prospective employees who might pose a threat to consumers or create an unsafe environment at work.

Depending on the industry, there might be rules against hiring felons if their case has relevance to their jobs.

Employment Background Check
Potential employees must submit a background check consent form as a requirement in their application.

After all, employers want to avoid hiring a person who might pose a threat to the work environment or become a liability in the future.

A considerable majority of employers run background checks on each person before hiring.

Although employment background forms are a must when applying for a job, this can also take place in instances when an employer deems it necessary.

For instance, employers may require regular drug tests or employee background checks.

This ensures that the workplace remains secure and safe.

How to Get a Background Check

Step 1 – Select the Type of Background Check

You will need to obtain written authorization before performing the query:

Employee Background Authorization – Typically just a criminal history check is performed.

FBI Background Authorization– For an individual applying for something else and this is needed for certification.

Tenant Background Authorization – This is a form the landlord or manager will use to perform a credit and criminal report.

All forms require the releasor to enter their personal information and sign when submitting to the requesting party.

Step 2 – Perform the Background Check

In order to conduct the search the requestor will have to do one (1) of the following:

For Employment – An employer can make an account with their State’s Department of Law Enforcement or use a 3rd party service like

For the FBI – Fill-in in Form I-783 and make 2 copies of FD-258.

The applicant will need to bring the forms to a Standard Fingerprinting Location (sends to the FBI by mail). $38 total fee.

For Housing – The landlord will need to use a 3rd party service like ($18.95) or ($35).

There is no such thing as getting a free background check.

Unfortunately, no matter which route is chosen there will be a fee involved.

Step 3 – View the Background Check Report

When conducting any type of criminal or credit report you will be able to view the results immediately online.

For the FBI results, it will be 4-6 days before the documents arrive in the mail.

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Background Check Authorization Template PDF Free Download

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