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Arizona Quit Claim Deed

An Arizona quit claim deed is distinguished from other deeds in that it conveys property without any guarantee that the title is free of defects.

Through this instrument, the grantor releases their interest in the property to the grantee, who in turn accepts the title despite the lack of assurances that the grantor has the right to convey it in the first place.

Title issues that may appear in the form of un-probated wills, liens, encumbrances, or public record errors will be the grantee’s responsibility.

A quit claim deed provides a way to clear up typographical errors such as a missing signature or misspelt name on the title, or it may facilitate the transfer of property between family members or spouses.


Affidavit of Property Value (Form 82162) – Must be completed and attached to the quitclaim deed, unless exempt as stated below.

Exemptions (§ 11-1134) – The Affidavit of Property Value is not required if the parties execute the quitclaim deed for no monetary value or for a nominal amount.

If this is the case, the deed must state the transfer is exempt.

Recording (§ 11-468) – All quitclaim deeds are to be filed, along with any necessary fee(s), with the County Recorder’s Office in the jurisdiction of the property.

Signing (§ 33-401) – A notary public must first witness the Grantor(s) signature(s) before the form may be filed with the County Recorder.

Statute – § 33-402


Affidavit of Property Value: This must be filed with all deeds unless it meets an exemption listed in § 11-1134.

Homeowner’s Association (HOA) Addendum (§ 33-1260, § 33-1806): If the property being transferred is situated in a planned community or the property is a condominium this addendum must be provided to the grant.

Property Disclosure Statement (Hill v. Jones, 151 Ariz. 81, 725 P.2d 1115 (1986): This form must be provided by the grantor to the grantee prior to any property transfer, it outlines any known material defects on the property.

Swimming Pool Disclosure (§ 36-1681(E)): This notice, provided by The Arizona Department of Health Services, must be provided to grantees if the property has a pool to provide them with knowledge regarding pool safety and responsibilities.

Unincorporated Area (§ 33-422): A property located in an unincorporated area, meaning an area without a municipal government, cannot be sold unless the buyer is provided with this document.

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Arizona Quit Claim Deed Template PDF Free Download

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