An American Tragedy By Theodore Dreiser PDF

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An American Tragedy Book PDF Free Download

An American Tragedy Book PDF Free Download

An American Tragedy

THAT such a family, thus cursorily presented, might have a different and somewhat peculiar history could well be anticipated, and it would be true.

Indeed, this one presented one of those anomalies of psychic and social reflex and motivation such as would tax the skill of not only the psychologist but the chemist and physicist as well, to unravel.

To begin with, Asa Griffiths, the father, was one of those poorly integrated and correlated organisms, the product of an environment and a religious theory.

But with no guiding or mental insight of his own, yet sensitive and therefore highly emotional and without any practical sense whatsoever.

Indeed it would be hard to make clear just how life appealed to him, or what the true hue of his emotional responses was.

On the other hand, as has been indicated, his wife was of a firmer texture but with scarcely any truer or more practical insight into anything.

The history of this man and his wife is of no particular interest here save as it affected their boy of twelve, Clyde Griffiths.

This youth, aside from a certain emotionalism and exotic sense of romance which characterized him, and which he took more from his father than from his mother.

Brought a more vivid and intelligent imagination to things, and was constantly thinking of how he might better himself if he had a chance.

Places which he might go, things he might see, and how differently he might live, if only this, that, and the other things were true.

The principal thing that troubled Clyde up to his fifteenth year, and for long after in retrospect, was that the calling or profession of his parents was the shabby thing that it appeared to be in the eyes of others.

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An American Tragedy Book PDF Free Download

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