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Alabama Power Of Attorney

An Alabama power of attorney allows an individual to designate someone else, an “agent”, to handle important decisions on their behalf.

This form is most commonly used by a person who would like to have an agent represent them if they are not able to for health reasons, not being able to appear at a specified location, or when time-sensitive action is needed.

How to Get Power of Attorney in Alabama

To set up power of attorney, the agent and principal both fill out a power of attorney form and sign it. 

Chapter 26 Title 1A of the Code of Alabama governs durable powers of attorney and powers of attorney for health care decisions within the state.

All forms on this page adhere to this chapter of the Code of Alabama.


For a power of attorney to be valid, it must follow the Alabama Uniform Power of Attorney Act referenced above, and include these requirements:

The Alabama POA document must list the:

full contact information and signature of the principal

name of the agent(s)

date the agreement is made

powers granted

when the powers begin and end

The power of attorney form must be signed in the presence of a notary public

Revoking Power of Attorney in Alabama

The legal document you would use to overturn an existing power of attorney is called a revocation of power of attorney.

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Alabama Power Of Attorney Template PDF Free Download

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